What’s the foam jacket insulation steel pipe utilized for?

Insulation steel pipe can be anticorrosive jacket steel pipe and also filled in between the steel pipe and the jacket of ultrafine glass woollen structure, can also be made from graphite, silicon calcium floor tile shell and polyurethane foam filled with steel sleeve steel insulation steel pipeline. It not only has a solid anti-corrosion, water-proof and impermeability, but also has the features of high temperature and high stress resistance.

It has a large applications, can be utilized in the venture warm source, power plant heavy steam transmission, plant steam pipeline, etc. The cathodic defense wldsteel co.,ltd of buried shielded steel pipeline is a kind of electrochemical security method in the process of metal anticorrosion. The electrode possibility of metal body can be secured from unfavorable activity by using current to the safety steel matrix. This is the change of the metal tool from an atomic state to an ionic state, creating a spontaneous fad. It basically manages the generation of decay, but the procedure occurs in an electrolyte, so it is extremely suitable for cathodic defense of straight hidden steel tubes.

Composition of steel sleeve insulation pipeline:

1. Anticorrosion layer: protect the exterior steel pipe from rust, can lengthen the life span of the steel pipeline

2. External steel pipe: shield the insulation layer from groundwater disintegration, to ensure the regular operation of the pipeline.

3. Glass woollen insulation layer and air insulation layer: ensure that the surface of the external security tube is kept at normal temperature.

4. Aluminum foil reflective layer: show component of the warm of the high temperature resistant layer to guarantee that the natural foam product does not enter the not natural 5.

Not natural difficult insulation layer: to guarantee the user interface temperature level with the natural insulation layer, to guarantee that the foam is not carbonized.

6. Stainless-steel fastening belt and sliding guide bracket.

Make sure that the thermal growth as well as chilly contraction motion of the functioning steel pipeline is not limited.

7. Base steel pipe: it can make certain the typical flow of the communicating tool.

Benefits of protected steel pipe.

1 Good thermal insulation efficiency, secure and trusted, affordable, basic building and also upkeep, lengthy service life, can transport a range of media. It addresses the troubles of hot bare pipeline end, gliding lubrication as well as waterproofing at high temperature of 130 ℃ -600 ℃ in city main heating.

2. The polyurethane foam insulation layer and the outer layer of the steel pipeline are carefully fitted, which not just isolates the air, however also isolates the penetration of water. The bubbles are shut and also the water absorption rate is little, which plays a good duty in anti-corrosion. At the very same time, the polyethylene covering and also the glass fiber strengthened plastic shell have good anti-corrosion, thermal insulation as well as mechanical buildings. As a result, the outer surface area of the base steel pipe will certainly not be corroded by air as well as water vapor, which extends the life span of the pipeline.

3 Insulation steel pipeline can not only prompt water discharge, however also can be used as a signal reminder for day-to-day operation. Pipeline thermal payment will be done utilizing high-quality bellows compensators installed straight into the casing, eliminating the demand for a monitoring well. Furthermore, the construction is hassle-free, the building duration is short, appropriate for communicating 2.5 Mpa, vapor or other media below 350 ℃.

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